Trip to Los Angeles

Hello hello there. I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles to visit some family. It's been years since I've been there. And I'm talking since 2003. I'm not sure if it's just all the time that has gone by or if it was the time of year that I went but it is sooooo much busier than I remember. Don't get me wrong, it's a great place to visit, but definitely prepare yourself for the horrible traffic and running into large crowds. I remember back in 2003 Hollywood Blvd was so open with minimal people walking around. You were able to stop and take photos if you wanted to. Now it's a little bit of a challenge. Too many people to just stop in the middle to snap a pic. Overall though, I had a blast and already want to go back. So much to do and to see! Here are some shots of my trip. 

We strolled Hollywood Blvd, went to Venice Beach, Santa Monica boardwalk, Greystone Mansion, and had some bomb-ass food at Gen Korean BBQ. I just googled that place by the way, and they are opening one up in Tempe... Can't wait! 

Flagstaff Visits

I've been loving going up north to Flagstaff lately with all the snow. I'm typically not a huge fan of winter; I can't stand being cold and no matter how many layers I have on I'm still freezing. Visiting places like this totally makes it worthwhile just to capture some awesome images. I've never seen so many people pulled over in Flag just to play in the snow, also have never seen so many people get stuck in the snow, lol. Kyle and I had a little incident ourselves but were able to get the car out. Here are a couple of my favorites. 


San Fran

Hello! Just wanted to share some photos from a recent trip to San Francisco! It's been years since I've been to this lovely place and enjoyed taking photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a short visit but I hope it make it back there sometime soon!

Meet Cooper

Hello there! I would like to introduce you to my new bundle of joy. This little Vizsla pup was born 4/14/16 in Northern Arizona. He loves to cuddle and chase birds. Go show this little guy some love by following him on Instagram @Coopersliife and you will be seeing more of him around here! 


Catching the Night Sky

Last night was a perfect night to catch the Milky Way. No moon shining and clear skies. I must admit that sometimes it's a good thing that I don't live in the city so it's easier to capture the beauty of the night skies. 


Antelope Canyon

Although it was extremely hot and my friends felt like they were going to pass out... I had the time of my life visiting the Lower Antelope Canyon. It's crazy how water flowing through a canyon can create such beauty. 

The Milky Way

It was clear a couple of nights ago so why not try and capture the stars? It took a lot of setting changes to finally be happy with the results but well worth the time. This is so dreamy and I am extremely thankful for being able to capture such beauty. I find night photography to be super relaxing. It gets tricky here and there and takes some practice but there nothing better than hanging out under the stars in the dead silence with time to recoup and think. <3

MW 03 (1 of 1)-001 (3000).jpg


Living In a Dream...

I have been having the time of my life lately meeting new people and discovering the beauty in Arizona. Photography is a huge passion of mine and I have been learning a lot. Take this journey with me as I grow as a person and share my discoveries with you!